Pricing and Packages

**Pricing packages can be tricky, because the needs of each client are unique and specific. Please let me know if my prices are the only thing holding you back from booking a session, and I'll try my best to create a custom package to fit your budget!**

Portrait Session // $100 MOST POPULAR

The typical portrait session lasts about two hours and yields up to 75+ photos. This is the perfect package for a senior!

Mini Session // $75

A mini session lasts 30 minutes and yields about 20-30 photos. This is a great package for headshots!

Couples Session // $125

A couples session usually lasts about two hours and yields 100+ photos. This is the perfect package for an engagement! (NOTE: even though this is the "couples package", this is also a perfect package for two friends, as it yields both individual portraits and shots of the two together. An example can be found in Anna + Allie's shoot.)

Family Session // $150 // MOST POPULAR

A family session usually lasts up to two hours and yields up to 100+ photos, including shots of the family, individual portraits, shots of the children together, photos of the parents together, and really any combinations we can think of! Family shoots are always a great deal of fun, and these photos are perfect for Christmas cards!

Events // Varies

The event package includes photos of the venue and decor, as well as photos of guests throughout the event. This package is perfect for a party, a dinner, or even a concert! Prices change depending on time, size, and other variables. 


NOTE: I am still in the process of creating more packages to fit every need, so please don't hesitate to contact me to find out if there's a way that we can work with your budget and schedule!